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Providing Classes for Pre Beginner to Advanced Professional Levels in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Alignment, Pointe, Acting, Singing, Painting, Drawing, Violin and Piano

Ages 3-Adult

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All 2015-16 classes are listed below and OPEN classes are marked!

We must have 10 students registered to OPEN a class...


Monday-6:30-7:15-Ballet/Tap-Pre III

Tuesday-6:307:15-Pre Dance I/II (NEW) OPEN

Wednesday-6:30-7:17-Pre Tumbling

Thursday-6:15-7:00-Ballet/Tap-Pre II/III

Saturday-9:15-10:00-Pre Dance I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-10:15-11:00-Pre Tumbling OPEN


Monday-4:30-5:30-Modern I/II (NEW) OPEN

Monday-4:30-5:30-Hip Hop-Beg-Ages 7-9 OPEN

Monday-5:30-6:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Tuesday-4:30-5:30-Tap/Musical Theatre I/II (NEW)-Ages 6-7 OPEN

Tuesday-5:30-6:30-Tap I/II(NEW)-Ages 8 & Up OPEN

Wednesday-4:30-5:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-Tumbling I/II (NEW)

Thursday-4:30-5:30-Tumbling I/II-Ages 8 & Up (NEW) OPEN

Thursday-5:30-6:30-Jazz I/II (NEW) OPEN

Friday-4:30-5:30-Hip Hop I/II-Ages 6-7 (NEW) OPEN

Friday-4:30-5:30-Hip Hop Mixed Level-Ages 8 & Up (NEW) OPEN

Friday-5:30-6:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-9:00am-10:00am-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-10:00am-11:00am-Tap I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-11:00am-12:00am-Jazz I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-12:00am-1:00pm-Tumbling I/II (NEW)


Monday-4:30-5:30-Modern I/II (NEW) OPEN

Monday-4:30-5:30-Hip Hop Beginner/Int Ages 7-9 OPEN

Monday-4:30-5:30-Tumbling II-Ages 8 & Up OPEN

Monday-5:30-6:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Monday-5:30-6:30-Hip Hop Intermediate Ages 10-12 OPEN

Monday-6:30-7:30-Ballet II OPEN

Tuesday-4:30-5:30-Ballet II/III OPEN

Tuesday-5:30-6:30-Jazz II/III OPEN

Tuesday-5:30-6:30-Tap I/II (NEW) Ages 7 & Up OPEN

Tuesday-6:30-7:00-JazzLeaps and Turns II/III OPEN

Wednesday-4:30-5:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-Tumbling I/II (NEW)

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-Ballet II OPEN

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-Tap II/III OPEN

Wednesday-6:30-7:30 Ballet II/III OPEN

Thursday-4:30-5:30-Tumbling I/II (NEW) Ages 8 & Up OPEN

Thursday-4:30-5:30-Modern II/III OPEN

Thursday-5:30-6:30-Jazz I/II (NEW) OPEN

Thursday-6:30-7:30-Ballet Pointe/Pre Pointe II/III OPEN

Thursday-6:30-7:30-Musical Theatre Ages 8-11 OPEN

Friday 4:30-5:30-Hip Hop I/II Ages 6-7 (NEW) OPEN

Friday 4:30-5:30-Tumbling I/II OPEN

Friday-5:30-6:30-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Friday-5:30-6:30-Jazz Funk II/III OPEN

Friday-6:30-7:30-Ballet II OPEN

Saturday-9:00am-10:00am-Ballet I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-10:00am-11:00am-Tap I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-11:00am-12:00pm-Jazz I/II (NEW) OPEN

Saturday-12:00-1:00-Tumbling I/II (NEW)


Monday-4:30-5:30-Tap III/IV & Up OPEN

Monday-5:30-6:30-Hip Hop-Int.-Ages 10-12 OPEN

Monday-6:30-7:30-Acro III OPEN

Monday-7:30-8:30-Ballet Barre and Stretch Mixed Level OPEN

Tuesday-4:30-5:30-Ballet II/III OPEN

Tuesday-5:00-6:30-Ballet Groove III/IV & Up OPEN

Tuesday-5:30-6:30-Jazz II/III OPEN

Tuesday-5:30-6:30-Hip Hop Intermediate OPEN

Tuesday-6:30-7:00-JazzLeaps & Turns II/III OPEN

Wednesday-4:00-5:30-Jazz III & Up OPEN

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-Tap II/III OPEN

Wednesday-6:30-7:30-Ballet II/III OPEN

Wednesday-6:30-7:30-Latin Jazz III/IV OPEN

Thursday-4:30-5:30-Modern III/IV OPEN

Thursday-5:30-6:30-Tap III OPEN

Thursday-6:30-7:30-Ballet En Pointe/Pre-Pointe  Beginner II/III  OPEN

Friday-4:30-5:30-Jazz Funk III/IV OPEN

Friday-5:30-6:30-Jazz Funk II/III OPEN

Friday-6:30-8:00-Mowtown Ballet III and Up OPEN

Saturday-10:00-11:00-Alignment (All Levels) OPEN

Saturday-11:00-12:30 Ballet III/IV and Up OPEN


Monday-4:30-5:30 Tap III/IV & Up OPEN

Monday-5:30-6:30-Acro IV & Up

Monday-6:30-7:30-Hip Hop-Advanced-Ages 13 & Up OPEN

Monday-7:30-8:30-Ballet Barre/Stretch Mixed Levels OPEN

Tuesday-5:00-6:30-Ballet III/IV & Up OPEN

Tuesday-6:30-7:30-Jazz Leaps & Turns IV & Up OPEN

Tuesday 7:30-8:30 Hip Hop-Int. Adv. OPEN

Wednesday 4:00-5:30-Ballet IV & Up OPEN

Wednesday-6:30-7:30-Latin Jazz III/IV OPEN

Wednesday-7:00-8:30-Contemporary IV & Up

Thursday-4:00-5:30-Modern III/IV OPEN

Thursday-5:30-7:00-Modern IV & Up OPEN

Thursday-7:00-8:00-Contemporary/Pointe-Int/Adv OPEN

Friday-430-5:30-Jazz Funk III/IV OPEN

Friday-5:30-6:30-Acro Mixed Level OPEN

Friday-6:30-8:00-Mowtown Ballet III & Up OPEN

Saturday-10:00-11:00-Alignment All Levels OPEN

Saturday-11:00-12:30-Ballet III/IV & Up OPEN


Monday-7:30-8:30-Ballet Barre/Stretch OPEN

Monday-7:30-8:30-Adult/Teen Hip Hop Mixed Level (NEW)

Monday-7:30-8:30-Latin Fusion-Adult/Teen (Salsa,Bachata,Cha Cha)

Tuesday-5:00-6:30 Ballet Groove III/IV & Up OPEN

Tuesday-7:00-8:00-Adult/Teen Ballet Mixed Level (NEW)

Tuesday-7:30-8:30-Adult/Teen Acting Mixed Levels (NEW)

Tuesday-8:00-9:00-Adult/Teen Acting

Wednesday-5:30-6:30-BAllet En Pointe  OPEN

Wednesday-7:00-8:30-Teen Contemporary IV & Up

Wednesday-7:00-8:00-Adult/Teen Tap Mixed Level (NEW)

Wednesday-7:30-8:30-Adult/Teen Contemporary Mixed Level (NEW)

Wednesday-8:00-9:00-Adult/Teen Acting Mixed Level

Thursday-7:30-8:30-Adult/Teen Mus Theatre Mixed Level (NEW) OPEN

Friday-4:30-5:30-Jazz Funk III/IV & Up OPEN

Friday-6:30-8-Mowtown Ballet III & Up OPEN

Saturday-10:00am-11:00am-Alignment All Ages OPEN

Saturday-11:00-12:30 Ballet III/IV OPEN


Tuesday-7:00-8:00-Acting-Ages 6-11

Tuesday-8:00-9:00-Acting-Ages 12 & Up

Wednesday-8:00-9:00-Acting-Ages 15 & Up

Wednesday-4:30-5:30-Arts & Crafts OPEN

Thursday-4:30-5:30-Arts & Crafts OPEN

Thursday-6:30-7:30-Musical Theatre-Ages 8-11 OPEN

Thursday-7:30-8:30-Musical Theatre-Ages 12 & Up OPEN

*Students Enrolled In The Wednesday or Thursday Arts/Crafts Class Must Pay A Supply Fee Twice A Year.

Raskin Dance Studio 2015


Nutcracker Auditions Aug 22

Back To School August 17th

Recital Picture Viewing Make Up Date Saturday Sept 5th

Company Auditions October 3rd

Thanksgiving Break 24th-30th

Christmas Break  Dec 20th-4th

Spring Break March 14th-20th

Recital $ FEE

Recital Costume $ Due

Recital Picture Date

Recital Tech Date June 16

Recital Weekend  June 17-18

Music School Winter Recital

Music School Annual Recital

Summer Dance Camp 2016

Recital Boot Camp 2016

Summer Intensives 2016

Summer Camps 2016   

Raskin Dance Studio 2015


UCF Heartwalk Sept 12th

Osceola Heartwalk Sept 26th

An Evening Of Dance at Lake Eola

Moscow Ballet "The Nutcracker" November 11 @ OCSA

Adrenaline Regionals Dec 11-13

NYCDA Atlanta April 22-24

Nuvo Regionals Jan 8-10

24Seven Regionals March 4-6

Company Spring Concert April 2&3

Annual Recital July 17-18

Adrenaline National Finals Orlando July 7-11 2016 

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