MISSION STATEMENT from the Director

As a child I dreamt to be exactly like my mother and now I am privileged to run the very school my mother and father created. I carry on a legacy with an enormous amount of pride and honor! To be a part of a creation surrounded by such a unique structure filled daily with a soft and tender loving spirit is a truly special gift from my mom and dad!  The students are always encouraged to feel safe and to be pushed to grow in a very healthy loving way! We do set very high standards on the teachers that train our students and make sure they are long term experienced real professionals of the fields so they can share proper knowledge and expertise for the age they are working with! We are thrilled to have such an AMAZING cast of teachers this season and we encourage you to get to know them and study with these gifted specialists!!! Private lessons with our teachers is always encouraged for one on one attention. To spend our days sharing the arts is what Raskin Dance Studio is truly about! We love our Home School Community and can help design a daytime program with private lessons to enrich their studies as well a healthy place to socialize as the day continues into the evening. We are the right place for students that thrive in all the arts from visual to audio and want a continued education outside of the general school population to truly excel in life!

We will see you on the dance floor! -Love, Sunny Raskin - Artistic Director


Sunny Raskin is the proud daughter of Richard and Valerie Raskin. She was raised on the dance floor of a professional Ballet Company and from a very young age she thrived watching and participating in all artistic activities. This was great for Sunny as her mother taught all over Central Florida and traveled to study and teach so there she followed. She studied dance, music, theatre and art everywhere that her mother went. This was ideal for her expansive training in all genres of art and presented many performance experiences at a young age. Sunny began working as a professional at a young age booking T.V. jobs and corporate events. Sunny has now traveled internationally as a performer and has been a teacher for over 20 years. She is currently the co host of The Sing Along With The Muppet Movie, Curious George. She also continues to work as a professional singer, musician/sound engineer, actress, puppeteer, choreographer, show director, D.J. and now Raskin Dance Studio Director...

Valerie Raskin is originally from Miami where she studied dance from the early age of three. Her training continued in New York City and Orlando, leading to a professional career as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and director. Valerie's 43years of teaching experience enables her to choose qualified teachers for her school - each one bringing something different. Valerie has influenced so many in her time that she has raised countless professional performers and teachers who are fully living their childhood dreams. Valerie is an original member of the Central Florida Dance Company  "Southern Ballet" now "Orlando Ballet".  She is highly trained and certified in numerous subjects which gives her more knowledge to cross train dancers and artists in all forms and styles.